Student Evaluation of Teaching

One of the joys of being an intro computer science instructor is the
pleasure of being evaluated by undergrads on a quarterly basis. Below
are a few of my favorites from among the many insightful comments I have

Winter 1991:

Jeff made CIS 211 interesting. This is no small feat…

Compared to what I was told about you, you are better than I expected.

Autumn 1990:

I think in the future you should find an instructor who knows all
about Macs and who likes them. –Id rather use a better computer
than a different instructor, but to each his own.

Difficult course matter, takes a lot more than just class time to
learn. –I guess a number of courses dont require any time outside

Tried to be funny–wasnt.

Spring 1989:

…he made the best out of an unbearable situation.

Incredibly boring. –Up until then, I hadnt realized I had a
credibility problem.

Jeff reminds me of Chevy Chase…. Im real glad he speaks English–
thats hard to find at OSU–I was really hoping to be compared to
Steve Martin or Gerald Ford.

Youre a great teacher, but I hate this class.

Maybe an eraser fight is in your future.

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