The Orange Powder

An inventor goes into a bank and asks the Banker for a loan to help him maufacture a new product. The Banker tells him he needs to see the product, first.

The man pulls a small envelope out of his pocket and empties the contents, an orange powder, onto the desk. Thats my invention! You dump this onto a womans pussy and it makes it taste like ORANGES! FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGES! He shouts.

The banker is not impressed. He says, Thats obscene, I wont loan the banks money on something like that! GET OUT!

The inventor leaves, but the next week hes back and makes a $5,000 deposit. The next day he deposits $10,000. The thrid day its $20,000. The banker sees this and apologizes to the man.

The inventor tells him, No, you where right! I was wrong. You straightened me out. Ive come up with someting much better and I owe it all to you! Thats why I using your bank!

The banker asks what his new invention is. The guy smiles and pulls out another small envelope and dumps this pink powder out on his desk. You see that? he says, Thats my new product! You just sprinkle that on an ORANGE…….

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