2 deaf farmers (adult)

One day a man was driving through the country when his car began to sputter and it broke down. There was no gas station for at least a hundred miles where the nearest city was.

He looked around and all he could see was two old farm houses on either side of the road. Just then, a huge storm came up and rain poured out of the sky and began flooding the place. The man, thinking his car will be washed away, takes off for one of the houses.

He gets to the front step and rings the doorbell. No one answers so he bangs on the door as hard as he can. Still no one answers although he can see that there are lights on in the house. He rings the bell and bangs as hard as he can, again to no avail.

He peeks in the front window and he sees and old lady squeezing her breasts. Amazed, the man looks in again to see an old man rubbing his head and jacking off. He freaks when he sees this and runs back to his car.

He sits for a while and decides he must do something quick or his car will be gone. So he runs over to the other farm house. When he gets to the front door he rings the bell. An old farmer answers the door and asks what can he do.

The young man says, Yeah. My car just broke down. Do you have a phone I could use to call a tow truck?

The farmer looks at him and says, Sorry, but the only phone in these parts is cross the road over at the Joneses house. Theyll let you use it though.

The man replies, No way. I looked in the window over there and they were engaging in some kind of weird sex. She was squeezing her tits and he was jacking off while rubbing his head.

The farmer laughs and says,Oh thats just the way they communicate. You see, the Joneses are deaf. She told him: its time to milk the cows. Then he said to her: fuck that its raining outside.

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