Blind man

There was a blind man and he was looking for a

new job… he decided to go out and find a jod with

wood so he went out looking for a job….

he found a place he went in and applied by

person.. the boss told him that he was not looking

for anyone at the moment but the blind man

proceeded to beg the boss…

finally the man gave in and the blind man told him

he could tell him the length of the wood and the

kind that it is so the boss brought out a piece of

wood that was 2 feet long and it was pine.. he

held it to the blind mans nose and the blind man

told him exactly what length and what kind of

wood it was.. so the boss got a piece that was 3

feet and oak and again the blind man guessed

right on the dot .. then the boss wanted to trick the

blind man so he went and got old lulu the cook..

brought her out and bent her over the blind man

took one big wiff and asked the boss to turn it over

so she turned over and the blind man took

another big wiff then screamed UH HUH… its a

shit house door off a tuna boat.

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