A man asked the waiter for a look at the dessert menu, which the waiter
produced from a special pouch in his uniform. The man ordered a
desert, and the waiter relayed the information to the kitchen via a
special communications device built into his wrist watch. When desert
arrived, the man was without a spoon. The waiter produced one from
his breast pocket.

The man was amazed. He asked the waiter how it is that the waiter is
so well prepared to handle every problem without ever having to return
to the kitchen. The waiter answered that the owner is an efficiency
expert who wanted everything to run without a wasted moment.

The man asked the purpose of the string tied to every waiters
trousers. The waiter replied that, when he uses the urinal, he avoids
dirtying his hands (and therefore doesnt need to waste time washing
them). He simply pulls the string, and his penis pops out.

The man asked the waiter how he gets his penis back in. The waiter

Thats easy…. I use the spoon.

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