F.A.Q About Men (part 5)

Q. Why cant men ever give a straight answer to a simple question?A. Frankly, your questions arent all that simple. In general, when a woman asks a question, she has a correct answer in mind. We men are well aware of this. Therefore, it may take us a while to come up with the right answer. If a question is particularly tough, we may not answer at all.Q. Can men really die from a lack of sex?A. To be perfectly honest, the answer is NO. But sometimes it makes us wish we were dead. Actually, sometimes it makes us wish you were dead (or at least unconscious).Q. When will men ever grow up and mature?A. Funny you should ask. I just got home from the Boys Clubâ„¢ meeting, and we finally had a vote on this issue. It had been tabled for discussion for quite a while, and it was hard to pass because on such serious issues, we needed more than just a simple majority. Anyhow, it was finally passed; and our final decision is TOMORROW. Collectively, well all grow up, be mature, and act responsibly tomorrow. Tonight were hanging out with the guys and going out drinking. And no, you cant come along.Q. Why do men only have one thing on their minds?A. While technically correct, this statement is not strictly true. We may only be able to entertain one idea at a time but we do think of lots of other things besides sex, such as sports and beer. We also get hungry quite often.Q. Why do men think with their groins?A. I dont think most women fully appreciate the situation. While weve only got ONE brain, weve got more than a couple of MILLION sperms! Even if we had good intentions, what chance does it actually have against a couple of million frisky sperms? I believe this is commonly referred to as the tyranny of the majority. Its simply an inescapable consequence of a voting democracy.Q. Why do most men name their private parts?A. Contrary to popular belief, most men dont actually get to name their private parts. Men have to address ou

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