Fishing Boat

A blind man is seeking employment at a lumber yard as a salesmen.

The manager who is interviewing the man tells him that he is more than qualified for the position other than the fact that in order to sell the lumber he would have to see it to know the size and kind of wood he was selling.

No replied the blind man, I do not have to see it, all I have to do is smell it.He then asked the manager to test him on this by placing any size and type of lumber he wanted on his desk and without touching it he would identify it.

The manager agreed and placed a 8 Ft x 2in x 4 in piece of pine on his desk.

The blind man smelled it once and correctly indentified it as a 8 ft. x 2in x 4in piece of pine.

The manager then tested him with a 4ft x 4in x 4in piece of oak.

Immediately the blind man identified it as a 4ft x 4in x4in piece of oak.

Thinking he could trick the blind man, the manager got his secretary to strip and lay naked on the desk.

The blind man smelled her up and down, then up and down again. Scratching his head he said, You almost fooled me, but thats a shit house door off of a fishing boat.

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