French businessman in USA

A business man from France checks into a High class hotel. He checks into his room and ready to nap when he heard a nock on the door.

(knock knock)

Man: Who iz it!

Maid: The maid sir. would you care for fresh sheets on your bed.

Man: Go away!! I dont carez for any fresh shit on my bed.

Confused, the maid leaves the sheets outside his door. Later that evening the French man decides to go down to the hotel restraunt and have dinner.

Before ordering the waiter asks: Sir, can I interest you in a glass of wine and a clean fork on your table.

Man: Excuzzze me! But I dont care to have a clean fuck on the table. I shall dine elseware.

So he exits the restraunt, and proceeds to dine across the street. While walking. A bum approaches and ask him for a dollar. The french man pulls out a dollar. Thinking this is an American tradition in this country.

The bum replys: Thank you sir. (holds up two fingers) Peace to you man!!

Man: Oh Ya! Well piss on you too hippie!!!

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