Hunting humans in africa

An Sudanese went down to South Africa to visit a buddy of his. They went driving down the highway in the South Africans pick-up. Around a bend in the road they came across an Indian. The South African pulls out his gun and shoots the Zulu. The Sudanese says Hey! What did you do that for!!??

The South African says Its legal to do that here!

The Sudanese says Okay. Seems pretty strange to me but if you say so.

They drive along a little more and come across another Zulu. The South African takes out his gun and shots him as well. The Sudanese says Are you sure its legal to do that here?.

The South African says Sure … we do it all the time.

So, they drive into this small town and stop at a liquor store. The Sudanese puts a case of beer in the back of the truck just as an Zulu is crossing the street towards him. He takes out the South Africans gun and shoots the Zulu. The South African comes running over and says Whoa … what are you doing? You cant shoot him!!

And the Sudanese says But you said it was legal!

And the South African says It is but you cant use bait!

(this joke seems to work no matter what ethnic groups you use: South African – majority or dominant group; Sudanese – visitor; Zulu – victims group)

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