Mickey Ds #1

Things You Hate About Working At Mickey Ds:

People who say uh or um 50 billion times.

People who add shit at the second window.

People who have to add an A in between the M and C for anything that starts with Mc, Such as McChicken or McNuggets.

People who upsize there meals after theyve ordered 50 billion meals.

People who want no salt on their fries, just get over it!

People who ask you if youre lovin it.

People who pay entirely in change.

People who walk all over your wet floor. Theres a sign, so go around.

People who cant turn off their windshield wipers when they pull up in the drive thru.

People who bring in food from another place, and leave the trash on the table.

People who are too damn big to get in the playland who actually get in the playland.

Fat people who get enough food for 10 skinny people.

People who cant find a certain item on the menu board, look around people. Thats what its there for!

People who order something, and know absolutely nothing about it.

People who ask for combos. It isnt god damn bojangles, we have value meals!

People who have nothing better to do than hang out at McDonalds.

More to come…

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