Plop position

1 Your mamas so fat she has smaller fat women orbiting around her!

2 Y.M.S.F her job is spoon and fork operator.

3 Y.M.S.F she was born with a silver shovel in her mouth

4 Y.M.S.F when she jumps she has to notify air-traffic control for permission to land

5 Y.M.S.F when she jumps Los Angeles has an earthquake!

6 Y.M.S.F the shadow of her ass weighs 200 pounds

7 Y.M.S.F she has more chins than the hong kong phone book.

8 Y.M.S.F she gave the hospital stretchmarks.

9 Y.M.S.F she has shock absorbers on her toilet seat. ?

Yo Mama so ugly when she got her drivers license they had to ask her whether she was a man or woman.

10 Y.M.S.F when she sits on a chair she makes paper.

11 Y.M.S.F when she moves she needs planning permission

12 Y.M.S.F she fell in love and broke it.

13 Y.M.S.F it takes a plane train and automobile to get on her good side.

14 Y.M.S.F that when she sunbathed on the beach, Greenpeace tried to haul her back into the sea.

15 Y.M.S.F she has print your advertisement here on both ass-cheeks

16 Y.M.S.F Nasa use her as a launchpad

17 Y.M.S.F they used her as the trampoline in the Olympics.

Yo mamas like a gumball cheap and easy to blow. *


-YO mamas like a volcano hottest hole in town

-Yo Mamas like a lake always wet

-Yo mamas like a shaving blade every man has used her at least once

-Yo mamas like coca-cola most famous drink i know

your mamas like a shotgun, two cocks and shes ready to blow!

Yo mama is so bald that she tooka shower and got

brain washed

Your mama is so hairy, when you were born, you got carpet burn!

Q:whats the difference between your mama and a water buffalo?

A:about 25 pounds

Q:how do you make them equal?

A:either feed the water buffalo or shave your mama!

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