The Carollers (pun)

Three young men, filled with Christmas cheer decided to serenade a number of their female acquaintances with songs of the season.

At Bettys house they sang the mistresss anthem, God Rest Ye Married, Gentlemen – and Betty welcomed the gesture warmly with a round of egg nog.

Encouraged, the trio moved on to Alices house, where they crooned the lament of the cherubs under stress, Hark, The Harried Angels Sing! Alice rewarded the smigers with glasses of steaming punch.

Buoyed by the spirits of the moment, the troubadours stopped next at Inas house. Unfortunately, no one was home. Keen to have her hear them, yet feeling somewhat fatigued by their musical efforts, the leader suggested that they return the next day. After all he observed we can always … carol Ina in the morning.

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