Walk a mile for a camel?

A young sub-altern was posted to a British army detachment in the
desert. On his tour of the facility with the master sergeant, he
noticed a group of camels. What are those for? The men use them
when they want to have sex… Dont say another word, sergeant.
That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Get rid of
those camels immediately! Yes, sir.

A few weeks went by and the young officer began to get rather
horny. He called the sergeant over and asked Where are the camels
we used to have? The sergeant replied that he had sold them to a
Bedouin that camped nearby. Take me to them, please.

The officer and the sergeant went over to the Bedouin camp and
found the camels. The officer told the sergeant to leave him alone
with the camels, then picked out the most attractive one, and
proceeded to have sex with the camel.

On the way back to the camp, the officer asked, Sergeant, do the men
actually enjoy sex with the camels? The sergeant looked at the
officer in astonishment and exclaimed, I dont know! They use them
to ride into town where the girls are!

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