You have sex with a

You have sex with a woman and you yell out, Whos your daddy?! Later you learn the womans mother was artificially inseminated…Uncomfortable situation.You tell your aunt youd give your left breast to go to the Jets game. Your aunt then tells you she just had a double mastectomy…Uncomfortable situation.You make fun of the Valtrex commercials. Your faithful girlfriend has a sudden interest in canoeing…Uncomfortable situation.Youre a cannibal. Turns out the people youre staying with are vegetarians…Uncomfortable situation.You think your boyfriend is going to make you an Amsterdam dish. Turns out he meant something else by Dutch Oven…Uncomfortable situation.You go to the doctor for a rectal examination. He says when he uses gloves it just doesnt feel the same…Uncomfortable situation.8) You ask if you can have the day off for Yom Kippur. Your first name is Adolf…Uncomfortable situation.

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