Fathers and sons

Heard this on The Greaseman on WWDC 101.1-FM this morning in DC…

Four guys have been golfing together for years. Throughout the years, they
have discussed various aspects of their lives, with one exception: they never
talk about their sons. This is because one of the men has a son who is a
flaming, out-of-the-closet homosexual, and the other men dont want to make
him feel bad.

One week, however, the man with the gay son is late to the country club, so the
other three are sitting around the table and inevitably start talking about
their sons.

My son the Mercedes salesman, says one, has been doing so well lately that
last week, he tells me, he GAVE a friend of his a brand new Benz!

Ah, thats nothing, says the second one, My son, the marina owner, has been
so successful lately that last week he gave one of his friends a brand new

MY son, says the third, has done so exceptionally well in the real estate
market, that last week he gave a friend of his a whole HOUSE!

Just then the fourth man walks in and says, You know, I never thought my son
would amount to anything. But then, just last week, his three lovers gave him
a new Mercedes, a speedboat and a house!

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