Hole in one genie

A gentleman fellow was playing a leisurely round of golf one day, when he happened to shoot a hole in one. When he reached down to pluck his ball from the hole, a genie appeared and said she would grant him *ONE* wish.

He complained, saying that usually genies granted *THREE* wishes, not just one, but the genie would not give in. The man, not being well-endowed, wished for it to grow.

With a flash, the genie was gone.

Over the next few weeks, the mans dick did grow … and grow … and grow, until it reached his knees.

Amazed, and somewhat concerned, the man decided something must be done about it. He returned to the golf course and shot thousands of balls until he finally got another hole in one.

Once again the genie appeared and said, Hey, I remember you … what do you want this time? The man gazed down at himself and explained his dilemma to the genie.

So you want me to make it smaller? the genie asked.

Oh, no! the man said. I want you to make me taller.

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