Little johnny stikes again

The teacher was giving a lesson in english and decided that the class was to use the word fascinate in a sentence and called on

the students to volunteer. suzy immediatly

jumps up and says over the summer our family

visited the zoo and the lions and tigers were

fasinating to watch. not exactly what the teacher was looking for, she wanted to use the word fascinate.next up was sally who says

our family recently visited the museuem and i was fascinted by the mummy display. still

not the exact word the teacher was looking for. all the while little johnny in the back of the class had been jumping up and down trying to get the teachers attention who was reluctant to call on johnny because of his foul mouth, but decided there was no way he could mess up the word fascinate. so he starts by saying his sister has a pink sweater with ten white buttons but her tits

are so fucking big she can only fasten eight.

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