A ten year old boy is walking down the street dragging a dead frog on a string. He walks up into a whorehouse and says to the madame, I would like one girl please. The madame looks at the young boy and says, Im sorry I cant help you, youre too young. So the boy digs into his pocket and whips out two hundred bucks and throws it on the counter. The madame picks up the money up and says, I think we will be able to work something out here.

Then the boy says, On one condition…The girl has to have active herpes. The madame drops the money back onto the counter and says, Well Im sorry I cant help you. All my girls are clean, they get tested every week. So the boy digs back into his pocket and whips out another two hundred bucks and throws it onto the counter. And the madame says, Actually, I think I have just the girl for you. So the boy goes upstairs and does his thing with the girl.

He is on his way down the stairs to leave and hes still dragging that dead frog by a string. The madame stops him as hes leaving and says, Can I ask you a question before you leave? and the kid says, Yeah sure. The madame asks, Why in the hell would a kid your age want a girl with active herpes? Youre gonna keep that the rest of your life, thats insane!

The boy retorts, Well it goes like this… Im gonna go home now and fuck my babysitter. About 11:00 tonight mom and dad will come home. Dad will take the babysitter home and hell fuck her. Then hell come back that same night and fuck my mom. Than about 9:00 tomorrow morning the milkman comes, and thats the motherfucker who killed my frog!

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