The Jewish Non-Racist Mother

A son calls his parents from college.

Mom, I have good news. Im getting married!.

Oy, Abram come, come our only son is getting married. What wonderful news.

But wait mom. There is something that I need to tell you.

Yes son?

Mom, she is African American.

African-American, South-American, it doesnt matter. We are not racists. Just come home and well throw you a big wedding, all the family will be there, just come.

Wait mom. There is something else. Well….she has five children.

Oy, bring the kids. Your father and I will play with them, take them to the park. We will have a good time, just come home.

But mom, you and dad have such a small apartment, there is barely enough room for the two of you. Where will dad lay down?

Your father will lay down on the floor.

But mom, what about you? Where will you sleep?

Me? Im gonna take this phone cord and fucking hang myself!

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