Eye-Popping Tongue Twister

A guy boards his plane bound for Pittsburgh and sits down in his seat.

He notices immediately that the guy next to him has a black eye. He says to him, Hey this is a coincidence, we both have black eyes, mind if I ask how you got yours?

Other guy: Well, it just happened. It was a tongue twister accident.

See, I was at the ticket counter and this gorgeous blonde with the hugest tits in the world was there. So, instead of saying Id like a ticket to Pittsburgh, I accidentally said Id like a Picket to Tittsburgh. And then she socked me one.

First guy: Mine was a tongue twister too. I was at the breakfast table and I wanted to say to my wife: Please pour me a bowl of Wheaties. But I accidentally said:

You ruined my life you fuckin bitch!

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