Gas stations – offensive to

These two <ethnics> were driving home across the desert.. and they
were in need of some fuel.

They pass a sign that says, Free sex with fill-up

Hey man says one <ethnic>, Ive heard of that. Lets try it.

So they stop…

Can I help you?

Yeah, fill er up

(a few minutes later)

Thatll be $18.50 please

Hey, wait a minute, your sign says free sex with fill-up

Oh, why yes it does, but it is conditional.. I am thinking of a
number between one and twenty, what is it?

<first ethnic> Five

<second ethnic> Eight

No, I am sorry gentlemen, it was two, well, better luck next time

The two <ethnics> leave and are a bit perturbed…

Aw man, we were ripped off!

Nah, I dont think so, last week my wife went in there twice and
won both times!!

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