High Priced Parable

An ant is walking through the woods and comes upon a huge hole. At the bottom
of the hole is an elephant trying desperately to get out. Being
a compassionate sort, the ant calls down Say, Mr. Elephant, would you like some
help? The elephant, unable to get out by himself, quickly agrees. So the ant
backs his Mercedes up to the hole and throws a rope to the elephant. When everything
is tied off the ant jumps in the car and pulls the elephant out. The elephant
is very grateful and offers to return the favor some time.

Sure enough, a short time later the ant, stuck in a hole, sees the elephant
stroll by. He calls out for help to the elephant. We all know elephants
never forget, so Mr Elephant is more than happy to help the ant. He stands
over the hole and lowers his dick to the bottom. The ant walks right up the
giant penis and out of the hole. The ant thanks the elephant and the two
continue about their business.

The moral of the story is, If youve got a big dick, you dont need a Mercedes!

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