Sex Is A Killer

A guy went to his doctor full of anger. Doc, he said, I feel like killing my wife. Youve got to help me. Please tell me what I should do.

The doctor thought for a moment. Look, he said, here are some pills. Take these twice a day and theyll allow you to fuck your wife six time a day. If you do this for thirty days, youll finally screw her to death. And the autopsy will just show that she died of heart failure during sex.

Wonderful, doc, said the grateful patient. Ill start with this right away.

He left with the bottle of pills and a smile on his face.

Nearly a month passed. One day, while on a medical convention, the doctor passed by the patient coming down the sidewalk in a wheelchair, just barely managing to move forward.

What happened? asked the doctor. What happened to your wife?

Dont worry, doc, the patient reassured him, two more days and shell be dead.

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